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Capacity Rating and Debottlenecking

Genesis has a strong track record in building bespoke capacity models to meet specific client needs using proven in-house tools.

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How We Can Help

Understanding the capacity of a plant is fundamental to maximising the value of an asset. Whether that’s increasing plateau rates, maximising late life operation, or understanding the impact of a new field.

Genesis produces debottlenecking assessments that can realise enhanced production capacity in a facility, providing the opportunity to monetise better reservoir performance, introduce new fields or change operating conditions.

How We Can Add Value

Genesis applies a systematic approach that allows rapid identification and focus on the most constrained areas of plant to avoid unnecessary scope.

  • Understand the drivers of the client and ask the right questions around hard and soft facility limits to frame the study:
    • Which areas of the plant are affected?
    • Are design excursions time-limited by production profile?
    • Can operating parameters be adjusted to mitigate the impact?
    • Are there second-order impact on utilities, services and plant logistics?
  • Provide options to optimise and debottleneck / modify parts of the plant including cost estimation.
  • Our service is characterised by flexibility and responsiveness, adapting as our clients’ needs change.
  • Extensive experience of building complex process simulations and  benchmarking of our models against plant operational data has proven time and again to deliver exceptional results.

What Sets Us Apart

A team of process engineers with a depth of experience in performing capacity assessments of varying degrees of complexity.  We have proprietary in-house tools available and use these where they complement the engineering assessment:

  • Bespoke hydraulic models with Graphical User Interface (GUI);
  • In-house automated equipment rating tool applying a standardised equipment rating method to a whole plant;
  • A range of standardised, proven, design tools for detailed equipment rating.

We have access to a pool of over 200 process engineers and can call on specialists from other engineering disciplines, as needed.  We can quickly mobilise a highly capable and cost-efficient study team.

    Our Services

    Our comprehensive capacity rating services include:

    • Steady-state model builds;
    • Benchmarking against actual plant performance;
    • Determine allowable operating envelopes for required specifications;
    • Incorporation of rotating equipment performance curves;
    • End to end hydraulics and import/export pipeline hydraulics;
    • Assessment of impact on relief devices and systems;
    • Thermowell vibration analysis;
    • Control valve operational assessment;
    • Dynamic Simulation for complicated plants with integrated multistage compression;
    • Performance testing support to benchmark / prove enhanced capacity of the plant.
    • Continued operations support post debottlenecking

    Available Tools and Processes

    • Aspen Suite of Software
    • Honeywell UniSim Design
    • PIPESIM - Steady-state simulation for pipelines
    • Excel-based GUI – linked to process modeling software
    • In-house equipment sizing tools
    • In-house plant capacity rating tool
    • Genesis Brownfield cost estimation tool.
    • In-house Safe Operating Limits tool.

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