Cost Estimating

Genesis delivers credible, accurate, transparent and impartial cost estimates to help you on your journey towards a sustainable future.

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How We Can Help

With over 30 years’ experience, a global team of cost estimating experts, and a suite of innovative proprietary tools, Genesis is well-positioned to provide life of project cost estimating services to support the energy transition as well as new and existing hydrocarbon initiatives. 

What Sets Us Apart

  • A global community of highly experienced cost estimators with knowledge of 1000s of projects in all regions of the world;
  • Rigorous, bottom-up estimates for capital, operating and decommissioning & abandonment costs;
  • Proven track record of cost estimating for frontier and complex projects;
  • Rapid cost estimating of development options;
  • Access to project outturn costs for assurance and benchmarking;
  • Transparent, flexible estimating, with full client collaboration;
  • Support from our parent company, Technip Energies 

Our Services

Our comprehensive Cost Estimating services include:

  • AACE Class 5 Feasibility Cost Estimating;
  • AACE Class 4 Concept Select Cost Estimating;
  • AACE Class 3 FEED Cost Estimating;
  • Project life-cycle cost estimating;
  • Cost Assurance and Benchmarking;
  • Cost auditing and verification;
  • Cost Risk Analysis;
  • Insurance and Financial Valuations

Available Technologies/Tool/Processes

Genesis uses a suite of internal, proprietary cost estimating tools:

Types of Projects

Our flexible tools allow Genesis to excel at developing cost estimates for a range of challenging projects, including but not limited to:

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