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Asset Integrity

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The Genesis Asset Integrity Management (AIM) services assure the integrity and performance of assets, safeguarding Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) while optimising lifecycle asset performance and supporting regulatory compliance.

We perform a wide range of AIM services for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas facilities, and we are proficient in all areas of the ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ integrity management cycle.  

These services are integrated with our risk management work in technical safetystructural, environmental and reliability. Our AIM activities assure the performance of risk management measures or barriers throughout a facility’s operational life.  

Services include: 

Integrity management planning 

  • Risk-based inspection (or monitoring)  

  • Reliability-centred maintenance  

  • Barrier models (Bowties) 

  • Structural reliability assessment supported by targeted structural analysis. 

Integrity management execution 

  • Inspection, maintenance, monitoring and repair  

  • Anomaly and non-conformance management and remediation  

  • Integrity management engineering analysis 

  • Support for option identification and emergency response. 

Integrity data management 

  • Geographic information systems  

  • Facility data management (digital asset based)  

  • Life-cycle information databases 

  • Virtual reality modelling – inspection and maintenance planning, asset visualisation 

  • Optimisation and cleansing of inspection programmes. 

Corrosion and fatigue management & materials performance 

  • Corrosion analysis  

  • Corrosion management planning 

  • Engineering criticality assessment 

  • Fitness for service assessment 

  • Change of use/service assessment 

  • Remaining life and life extension assessments 

  • Operational availability… 

…plus integrity monitoring system specification and integration.