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Process Dynamic Simulation

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Genesis offers an exclusive blend of knowledge to deliver bespoke, rigorous solutions that provide clear and feasible design and operational recommendations.

Our process dynamic simulation service includes: 

  • Design validation for complete process and control schemes 

  • Compressor control and surge protection  

  • Troubleshooting sub-optimal operation 

  • Overpressure protection (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) 

  • Liquid surge overpressure 

  • Flare header capacity validation 

  • Sizing and operation of slug catchers and subsea production systems 

  • Validating operational /start-up procedures 

  • Operator training… 

  • …or a combination of the above.  

The suite of tools we use includes: 

  • Process simulators such as HYSYS and UNISIM 

  • Pipeline simulators such as LedaFlow, Maximus, OLGA and PipeSim 

  • Integration of the process and pipeline simulators, for example OLGA-HYSYS link 

  • Water hammer simulators such as Pipenet. 

When standard commercial tools are not adequate we develop our own in-house tools, such as: 

  • Compressors control emulators 

  • Depressuring/blowdown extension 

  • Non-dimensional compressor extension. 

We have a strong background in specialist modelling techniques such as dynamic simulation of multiphase pipeline flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and rigorous modelling of emergency depressuring/blowdown,  

This is all supported by our network of engineering experts.