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Leadership team

Meet our leadership team

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At Genesis, we are constantly working to ensure that we deliver optimum service through sustainable growth, global collaboration, and a lean and efficient structure.

Our people and outputs are guided and managed by our leadership team, which meets regularly to oversee our strategy, key markets and areas of potential growth. 

Our leadership team

Christophe Malaurie

Senior Vice President

Christophe has more than 20 years of experience in the subsea oil and gas industry and strong knowledge of project execution in both subsea and onshore segments. He started his career with Technip in 1995 as a Flexible Pipe Design Engineer in Norway, and then moved to Le Trait in 1996 to join Flexi France Research and Development. Between 2001 and 2009, Christophe worked in Paris on major EPC and EPCI projects in both onshore downstream and subsea, holding positions of Engineering Manager and Project Manager. In 2010, he joined Technip Oceania as Project Manager, and from 2013 to 2016, he held the roles of Director of Projects, Vice President Subsea and Managing Director.

Helen Coleman

Head of New Energies

Helen Coleman is the Head of New Energies at Genesis responsible for the strategy and business development related to Low carbon, CCUS, Renewables and Power-to-X projects across multiple industries. With more than 17 years’ experience in the energy industry, Helen started her journey with Genesis in 2005 as a Process engineer, also worked offshore and has supported clients directly on challenging developments in a number of international locations including Rome, Norway, Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Ghana, India, Italy, US. Prior to her current role, Helen was Operations Manager in Stavanger and then Global Hydrogen lead, developing Genesis hydrogen business.

Maximilian Pietszch

Head of Early Advisory Solutions

Maximilian Pietszch is the Head of Early Advisory Solutions at Genesis responsible for the execution of strategic and techno-econimic consulting services to the energy industry. Max joined Genesis in 2021 as the Head of Business Consulting and Head of Strategy based in France. Prior to his role at Genesis, Max had an extensive track record in consulting and strategy and since joning Genesis has used this knowledge to work on many successful projects.

Alix Mouret

Head of Upstream and Development Solutions

Alix Mouret is the Global Head of Upstream as well as Development Solutions responsible for the strategy and business development activities related to traditional hydrocarbon market and the successful execution of our energy development projects.  Alix has over 23 years experience with Technip Energies and started his journey In 1999 in France as a Structural and Naval Engineer. Alix progressed in his career within Technip Energies and after a Project Management experience on large EPC projects, became in 2007 General Manager for the group Engineering Affiliate in Angola, then Business Development Manager of the Middle East and North Africa, before being appointed as Business Development and Tendering Director for Offshore in APAC. After 20 years at Technip Energies, Alix moved from our parent company to Genesis as the Regional Vice President for APAC before his current role.

Siddarth Ragoowanshi

Head of Asset Lifecycle Solutions

Siddarth Ragoowanshi is the Head of Asset Lifecycle Solutions responsible fH5or the execution of operating asset optimization projects including debottlenecking and energy efficiency. Siddarth joined Genesis in 2017 as a Corporate Strategy associate in London, after which he became Manager of Strategy and Corporate development in 2019.  Siddarth further advanced his role to Head of Strategy in Technip Energies and has sucessfully lead Technip Energies through many large projects before his current role.

Mathew Pegg

Head of UK Operating Centre

Mathew Pegg is Head of Genesis UK, Mathew started at Genesis in 2007 as a Principal Process Engineer and stayed in the role for 4 years. Mathew then began to develop into management and leadership roles such as; Study Manager before returning to Genesis a year later as a Consultancy Manager. In 2015 Mathew became Country Manager for Norway, fronting Genesis Norway and many sucessful projects, now 7 years later Mathew is Head of Genesis UK.