Brownfield Cost Estimating Tool

Brownfield Cost Estimating Tool

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Genesis can provide accurate estimation of the cost and man-hours required for brownfield modifications – a factor that is crucial for effective economic assessment and shutdown planning.


We use brownfield cost estimation techniques for projects ranging from Class 5 (Feasibility) to Class 2 (Detail Design/Execute) development phases.  


The estimates guide the selection of the optimum execution strategy and help develop credible and predictable shutdown plans. 


Estimates can be either pure Material Take-Off (MTO) based or a hybrid of MTO and bulk factor based. 


The implementation challenges associated with brownfield modifications can vary greatly due to technical scope and to local environmental conditions and logistics, worksite congestion, and workforce skills and working practices. 


Our superior application for developing brownfield costs features: 

  • A simple, engineer-driven user interface that produces consistent, high quality reports every time 

  • Clear definition of local factors, tailored with client input, that contributes greatly to direct and indirect costs 

  • Concise cost summary reporting  

  • Cost and man-hour breakdowns, allowing project schedules and early site shutdown planning to be carried out 

  • Tools enabling cost and risk sensitivity analysis with minimal re-work.