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Long Subsea Tiebacks

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Genesis understands the limits of conventional subsea design and has the experience and tools to design unique solutions to address the challenges of long subsea tiebacks.

Our flow assurance team has extensive experience with detailed hydraulic analysis for liquids and thermal management to identify and mitigate challenging issues, such as slug induced vibration, hydrates and waxy and viscous fluids. 

Our pipeline engineers work closely with flow assurance to ensure the mechanical designs address the flow assurance challenges. Our geotechnical team optimises routing and addresses pipe-soil interactions. We have extensive experience with all the major installation options and contractors and will ensure the pipelines are installable for the lowest cost. 

Long distance tiebacks create difficulties in control system power distribution (voltage drop and power factor) and communication (bandwidth and signal loss). We solve such problems using our experience and tools, particularly with respect to subsea controls, umbilicals, subsea a/c transformers and subsea power distribution. 

We ensure that complete life cycle planning is included in the overall design with future expansion capability (subsea fibre optic multi-drop ring network). 

Cost reduction and risk mitigation are more critical with long tiebacks and we provide optimised field proven designs to address these issues (for example, using hydraulic intensifier eliminates umbilical HP tubes). 

We provide solutions for long tiebacks for major international oil companies, independents and NOCs on prominent projects in Australia, Brazil, East and West Africa, the North Sea, South East Asia, and the US and Gulf of Mexico.