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Asset Development Evaluation and Planning Tool (ADEPT)

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ADEPT is Genesis's proprietary field development planning software. The result of a multi-million-dollar programme, it provides fully flexible, engineered cost estimating solutions, both onshore and offshore, at the field development planning stage.

ADEPT is used for all our early phase studies worldwide and has modelled developments on over 1,000 projects in more than 60 different countries, including Australia, Brazil, the Caspian, East Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Northern Europe, Russia, South East Asia and West Africa.  

Applications include arctic developments, Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage, extra-heavy oil, fields with very high H2S, CO2 and N2, high pour point oil, stranded gas, subsea processing and ultra-deep water. 

ADEPT’s flexibility makes it especially suited to establishing the differences in value between concept options and for modelling complex projects in frontier regions where there are no direct analogues.  

This provides robustness and confidence in decision-making that would not be possible with less rigorous commercial products. 

Comparison of ADEPT versus Actual Topsides Weights for Wellhead Platforms

ADEPT is used for rapid, efficient generation of technical definition and cost estimates for early phase concept selection studies.  

It uses bottom-up mechanistic models to produce:  

  • Deck area calculations  

  • Full equipment lists with sizes and weights   

  • Heat and material balances  

  • Hull sizes  

  • Onshore plant plot areas  

  • Pipeline thermo-hydraulics and weight estimates for facilities.  

This engineering definition forms the basis of ADEPT's cost estimates

Comparison of ADEPT versus Actual Topsides Weights for APAC Processing Platforms

ADEPT has a robust and rigorously maintained cost database of rates and norms relevant to procurement, fabrication, construction and installation activities for each element of a field development concept.  

Its outputs include Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), decommissioning costs, Drilling Expenditure (DRILLEX), equipment lists, Operational Expenditure (OPEX), technical definition and weight reports, along with availability and pre- and post-tax economics. 

As part of our cost assurance process, the fidelity of cost estimates is rigorously benchmarked using the ADEPT Benchmarking Database, which includes in-house ADEPT cost and weight estimates for all previous projects plus a significant volume of actual project data. 

Download our brochure on ADEPT here