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Gen-CAT™ (Genesis Carbon Assessment Tools™)

The market is changing rapidly and to enable sustainable energy solutions we will continue to invest in Gen-CAT™.

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Our clients are facing ever-increasing pressure to minimise their greenhouse gas emissions. Genesis’ carbon assessment expertise and proprietary tools provide context and clarity on contributors and support reporting requirements.

Our suite of Carbon Assessment Tools (Gen-CAT™) provide visibility on carbon footprint drivers for new and existing assets in line with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

Developed in-house by our multidisciplinary experts – we have a robust approach to assessing the technical, HSE, and commercial challenges associated with low carbon solutions

Carbon Management

Gen-CATTM supports our Field Development Planning and Environmental Advisory services by providing: 

  • Carbon footprint and intensity metrics to support decision-making. 
  • Clarity on contributors to support opportunities for carbon footprint reductions.
  • Emissions over field life to support quantification of emissions risks and impact on project economics.

How we can help

Genesis’ vision is to support carbon-conscious decision-making and enable low carbon design in both developing and operating facilities.

As such, Gen-CAT™ quantifies both direct and indirect emissions associated with procurement (embodied carbon), local and global logistics, installation, and life of field operation to generate differentiating carbon impact metrics.

Gen-CAT™ allows stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding emissions during the early stages of development and optimise minimisation opportunities for existing assets. With in-built metrics to support decision making, but flexible parameters Gen-CAT™ is applicable through all project phases.

Integration between our engineering, environmental and estimating teams and use of our proprietary tools, including Gen-CAT™ and Asset Development Evaluation and Planning Tool (ADEPT), allows us to rapidly generate realistic and cost-effective measures to address a project’s environmental and social challenges.

The market is changing rapidly so to optimise sustainable energy solutions Gen-CAT™ is continually evolving.  Please get in contact for further details.

How We Add Value

Our comprehensive Gen-CAT services with  interpretation and support from in-house expertise include:

We are client-oriented; we work collaboratively and tailor our services to develop our clients’ understanding of their carbon emissions. We develop customised roadmaps for clients’ unique sustainability journeys.

Our specialist engineers have a balanced mix of local and international experience and offer a holistic view of any project or problem.

With Gen-CAT™

  • Increase your company/project appeal to external investors by quantifying your commitment to carbon reduction.
  • Gain early clarity on emissions risks and opportunities for mitigation.
  • Identify cost-effective operational fixes.
  • Reduce project recycle costs and increase sustainability by selecting low-cost, low carbon design and carbon reduction strategies. 


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