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Field Development Planning

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The type of field development planning expertise and peerless concept evaluation tools and processes available from Genesis are key to creating an optimal development concept. Poor decisions made in the early stages of field development erode value in ways that cannot be recovered later.

Field development planning studies provide the necessary information and advice for: 

  • Establishing whether a project is economic 

  • Shortlisting development project options by screening 

  • Selecting an optimal development concept for a project. 

We provide decision support at each of these stages using a proven approach and structured framework to make sure the correct decision is made. 

As a world leader in field development planning, we have worked on more frontier developments – deep water, difficult fluids, immature regions, mega-projects and remote locations – than any other consultant, engineering firm or operator.  

Our process, used on all ultra-front-end studies, makes sure: 

  • Sll potential contributors to the project’s value are considered and quantified – availability, Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), flexibility, Operational Expenditure (OPEX), recovery, schedule, safety, environmental and project risk and uncertainty – to ensure an equitable basis for concept selection.  

  • There is an audit trail for the decision process, with a robust basis and clear reasons for the elimination of alternatives. 

  • All concept options are evaluated with the right degree of definition to support the decision being made. 

  • The choices and concepts that provide the maximum project value are identified and the results are assured. 

  • Threats to the success of the development and potential sources of reduction in the economic value of the project have been identified and assessed.