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Flare and Relief Verification

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How We Can Help

Understanding the suitability of installed relief systems is essential to safe operation.  This is particularly true when considering a change in process fluids, plant capacity, or operating conditions.

We can support these changes by:

  • Verifying the suitability of installed relief valves, particularly with changes in plant design over the years and recommendations for mitigations.
  • Analysis of flare system hydraulics, vibration, and low temperatures.
  • Assessing the impact on flare radiation by scenario.
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis of flare systems that are not operating as designed.
  • Creating transparent and benchmarked Green House Gas (GHG) emission calculations for statutory regulation reporting.
  • Determining appropriate flare metering options to meet internal emission strategy targets and/or statutory regulations for emissions reporting.

How We Add Value

We take a holistic approach to maximise value without compromising on safety or environmental impact. The Genesis team will seek to identify design limits, understand the impact of excursions and propose cost-effective mitigations where these can be justified safely; replacement of facilities is only recommended where safety or production would be otherwise compromised. 

As we have performed hundreds of these assessments, we have tools and screening guidelines to enable us to do the assessment thoroughly and efficiently.

What Sets Us Apart

The Genesis team has extensive experience in flare verification studies, both onshore and offshore, and in a variety of geographical locations. Drawing on the different capabilities of the specialist teams within Genesis from process and safety to advanced simulation means that we can provide holistic, effective, and seamless solutions.

Being a trusted advisor is part of our mission statement, as such, Genesis strives to understand the problems faced by our customers before defining cost-effective solutions.

Our Services

Our comprehensive relief and flare systems verification services include:

  • In-house PSV sizing calculations based on API 521 methodology and company standards.
  • Blowdown studies.
  • Detailed CFD analysis to confirm whether design excursions occur.
  • Root cause analysis and troubleshooting assessments.
  • Overpressure protection studies.
  • Modelling of flare system from tail pipe to flare tip.
  • Dispersion modelling using Phast and CFD analysis.

Available Tools, Technologies, and Processes

  • SAFFIRE, our in-house blowdown tool.
  • ANSYS CFX or ANSYS Fluent.
  • Flarenet.
  • Flaresim.
  • Phast.

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