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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Advanced Analysis

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Genesis has a dedicated team of experienced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) specialists who apply advanced numerical methods to solve complex and unique engineering challenges.

Applying CFD to complex and unique challenges has a prominent role in providing bespoke engineering solutions, no matter the project size. 

Advanced computer processing power means the complex equations associated with CFD can now be solved within commercial project schedules. 

As a result, CFD has become an established industrial design tool, since it offers far greater levels of detail and rigour than traditional simplified approaches. We have completed CFD studies for a wide range of applications. 

Separation Enhancement 

  • Production separators 

  • Knock out drums 

  • Skimming tanks  

  • Water/oil tanks 

  • Cyclones 

Temperature Management 

  • Minimum/maximum metal design temperature 

  • Cold start-up 

  • Cold leakage 

  • Brittle fracture  

  • Jet and pool fire survivability 

Vibration Solutions  - CFD + Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 

  • Flow induced vibrations 

  • Acoustic induced vibration 

  • Fatigue analysis  

  • Stress analysis 

  • Dispensation justification 

Production Assurance 

  • Erosion 

  • Hydraulics  

  • Pigging operations

  • Cooldown, hydrate and wax formation 

  • TOL corrosion, corrosion inhibitor dosage 

  • Heat exchanger burst tubes including water hammer effect 

  • Subsea leakage release 

Technical Safety Solutions 

  • Natural and forced ventilation 

  • Gas dispersion, hot plume exhaust and cold vent 

  • Vapour cloud explosion and blast propagation 

  • Probabilistic exceedance analysis  

  • Fire, smoke and radiation 

  • Helideck environment 

  • Subsea blowout releases 

  • Flaring, flare tip design 

  • Ground flare solutions 

  • Carbon Dioxide Solutions 

Stress Solutions - CFD + FEA 

  • Platform survivability under fire, PFP optimisation 

  • Blast load  

  • Cold brittle fracture 

  • Overpressure 

Our unique knowledge helps us deliver the most rigorous solutions and provide clear, feasible design and operational recommendations. 

This is backed up with a strong background in the analysis of hydrodynamics.