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How We Can Help

Genesis has a long track record of supporting our clients with their in-house activities both to progress projects and support operating assets. Genesis’ engineers embed themselves within the client team and are used to working on decision-based projects with a strong focus on delivery against budget and schedule.

Genesis’ broad pool of engineers means that we can provide services ranging from junior operations support to expert technical authority, to suit our clients’ needs.

How We Add Value

Drawing on the diverse capability of our global workforce, Genesis is able to be flexible to meet the varying needs of our clients.

Our engineers have a multidisciplinary, cost-conscious mindset and are able to contribute outside the traditional discipline bounds.

Genesis does this by:

  • Providing the right experienced person to be embedded in your team for the required length of time.
  • Offering workforce flexibility: short term, long term, part-time or full time, without recruitment or commitment of a new hire.
  • Providing technical support to support our client’s decision processes and gate criteria.
  • Understanding our clients’ drivers and therefore being able to advocate effectively on their behalf.
  • Providing an external perspective through our experience of working with different operators and in different locations and sectors.
  • Offering a seamless transition into our clients’ teams of engineers already familiar with the project or asset.
  • We regularly sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to respect the confidentiality of our Client developments and sensitive commercial information, providing peace of mind to our clients.  

What Sets Us Apart

Providing a Genesis engineer to a client team is a gateway to Genesis’ extensive in-house knowledge, experience, and expertise; a perfect complement to our clients’ teams.  Additional expertise and resources can be quickly pulled in, on an “as-needed” basis, for peak demand or specific issues.

Genesis has always worked closely with our clients which gives us a ready familiarity with their processes, procedures, and design codes. And often the assets and fields!

Our Services

Our comprehensive services include supporting our clients in the following:

Available Technologies/Tools/Processes

  • All standard process and flow assurance simulation software
  • ADEPT Field development planning and costing tool
  • Gen-CAT carbon assessment tool
  • Genesis in-house capacity rating tool
  • Genesis process engineering design tools

By having Genesis support at our office, we get access to the entire Genesis capability!

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