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Project Execution Support

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Through a broad-based, cross-functional process, Genesis has developed a comprehensive set of work processes that provide a basic foundation for project execution. 

We always ensure that relevant experience is applied in the following ways: 

  • Mobilisation of key experienced personnel to the project or study  

  • Efficient use of meetings to clarify and disseminate information 

  • Development of a good relationship with client personnel to leverage key knowledge and expertise 

  • Use of our Lessons Learned from previous projects 

  • Effective use of the Peer Review process to capture technical knowledge from other Genesis and client experts. 

We strive for: 

  • Safe execution, without incidents that affect persons, facilities or the environment 

  • Achieving the appropriate levels of quality  

  • Meet or exceed project specifications 

  • Progress monitoring and the ability to promptly identify and implement corrective actions to recover any delay  

  • The validation of progress and or milestones achieved.