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Structural Engineering and Asset Integrity

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Genesis is an industry leader in providing structural engineering services for concept studies, pre-FEED, FEED and EPCI of offshore fixed and floating platforms. We also provide support for asset integrity of offshore platforms.


Our fixed and floating platforms structural design and analysis service includes:

  • Scantling design for hull structures including Floating Production Storage and Offloading units (FPSOs), spars, semi-submersibles, and Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) 

  • Conceptual design to detail engineering of offshore fixed platforms including jackets, jack-ups, pile foundations and tower platforms  

  • Topsides design for offshore shallow and deep-water platforms including FPSOs, semi-submersibles, spars, and TLPs, as well as gravity based structures and fixed platforms 

  • Global/local strength and buckling analysis 

  • Time domain and spectral fatigue analysis 

  • Lifting, load-out and transportation analysis 

  • Topsides floatover design 

  • Fabrication, transportation and installation support 

  • Evaluation of damaged and corroded structures 

  • Brownfield engineering support and Engineering Criticality Assessments (ECA) 

  • Structural integrity assessment of offshore platforms for pre-service and in-service conditions 

  • Offshore modules and bridges  

  • Weight estimating, management and control 

  • Decommissioning studies – extent and methods of platform removal.


Advanced structural analysis:

  • Seismic analysis – Extreme Level Earthquake (ELE) and non-linear dynamic Abnormal Level Earthquake (ALE)  

  • Non-linear pushover analysis 

  • Advanced non-linear analysis for collision, dropped object and wave slamming 

  • Structural fire analysis  

  • Dynamic analysis for Ductility Level Blast (DLB) and Collapse Level Blast (CLB). 


Asset integrity:

  • Visual surveys and inspections 

  • Structural information monitoring (displacements, accelerations) 

  • Life extension evaluations 

  • Inspection plan elaboration.