Ultra Front End™ Suite

Ultra Front End™ Suite

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The Ultra Front End™ Suite (UFE™ Suite) from Genesis combines our vast experience with the targeted use of digitalisation to increase the value in a client’s development.


The field development game changer, UFE™ Suite helps you to: 

  • Identify and maximise value 

  • Deal with complexity  

  • Increase clarity and confidence 

  • Make better informed decisions 



Investment decisions are rarely straightforward for our clients. Clarity of information is key to good decision making. Clients need to trust the robustness of outcomes, and gain assurance from benchmarks. They need to understand and mitigate risks and access technology enablers. 


We cultivate talent, continually innovate, and advance digitally to create high-impact solutions.   


UFE™ Suite will facilitate the initial field development conceptual phases; generating, developing and comparing options from the first inception of a project to ensure maximum value is realised.   


UFE™ Suite evaluates a wider set of development options, strategies and technologies, in more depth. It has already demonstrated an increased pace, robustness and analytical capability.   


Hosted in our secure Cloud platform, it provides a live environment in which our clients and engineers can collaborate, permitting an integrated approach and increased understanding.  


UFE™ Suite will provide a single source of truth that provides transparency and a seamless link into the next phases of the project. 

The Genesis Ultra Front End™ Suite(1:23)

The Genesis Ultra Front End™ Suite