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Advanced Structural Analysis

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Genesis offers advanced analysis consultancy services tailored to the oil and gas sector. Our experienced engineers apply advanced numerical models and software to predict and mitigate events where abnormal or accidental loads are applied to structures or where structural capacity is degraded due to fatigue, corrosion or abnormal events.

Our engineers have an extensive background in extreme loading analysis and non-linear structural behaviour.  

They are accustomed to solving some of the energy industry's most challenging structural problems, supporting optimisation of structural design and maximising the potential of existing platforms. 

Our engineering support to clients in upstream areas includes: 

  • Structural reliability analysis 

  • Pushover ultimate strength analysis of offshore structures 

  • Abnormal load assessment including wave-in-deck and wave slamming on fixed and floating units

  • Fatigue/fracture – structural response under cyclic loads

  • Assessment of existing structures, life extension studies

  • Creation of a digital twin and incorporation of structural monitoring

  • Blast response assessments and designs to offshore facilities

  • Fire loading and response assessment and design to offshore facilities

  • Passive Fire Protection (PFP) optimisation to offshore facilities

  • Seismic response assessment for offshore structures including fixed jackets and subsea structures

  • Strengthening, modification, repair and retrofit design

  • Dropped object assessment and mitigation studies of topsides and subsea structures

  • Ship collision impact assessments 

  • Offshore wind turbine load analysis

  • Fluid structure interaction, coupled finite element and computational fluid dynamic analysis.

Downstream expertise includes: 

  • Facility siting studies (in accordance with API 752 and 753) 

  • Blast/fire response assessments, retrofit and designs to petrochemical facilities

  • Seismic analysis/hurricane assessment of buildings, equipment and storage tanks

  • Blast resistant modular building design

  • Blast and fire testing