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Naval Architecture

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Genesis is a leader in floating systems, developing innovative solutions with specialized advance analysis tools. We provide Naval Architecture services from concept selection to EPCI of oil and gas, and alternate energies platforms.

Floating platform concept selection, design and analysis: 

  • Optimized hull sizing, scantling and configuration of semi-submersibles, ship-shaped offshore units (spread and turret moored), Single Point Mooring (SPM) buoys, spar, Tension Leg Platform (TLP), and wind platforms using Floater Integrated Design Environment (FIDE) software. 

  • Intact and damage stability assessment plus weight management of floating platforms for installation and operation.  

  • Time and frequency domain floating platform Global Performance Analysis (GPA) during operational and extreme environmental conditions. 

  • Mooring and tendon design, and station keeping analysis using fully coupled hull/mooring system/riser analysis.  

  • Modification/conversion of existing platforms. 

Advanced hydrodynamic, motion, mooring and loading analysis: 

  • Multi-body analysis for Floating Production Storage Offloading unit (FPSO)/Floating Liquefied Natural Gas unit (FLNG) offloading operations (tandem and side-by-side), FPSO/FLNG and turret interactions, topsides floatover installations.  

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) for direct time domain platform service life GPA and sequential FPSO/ FLNG offloading simulations.  

  • Develop motion induced and environmental loads for structural analysis including impact loads using model tests and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) numerical wave tank.  

  • Time domain structural strength and fatigue analysis using long duration operating design life sea-states, applicable to initial design and life extension. 

  • Aero/servo/hydro/elastic analysis for floating wind turbines using MLTSIM-FAST.  

  • Advanced AI application to mooring monitoring and failure detection. 

Model tests/field data analysis: 

  • Planning, execution and consulting of wind tunnel, Vortex Induced Motion (VIM) and in-place/installation model tests of a wide range of floater types. 

  • Data and correlation analyses for model tests and field measurements. 

Marine systems/installation procedures/marine operations manuals: 

  • Marine systems design, marine operations manual for hull marine systems, utilities and mooring.  

  • Installation analysis/procedure for platform, mooring and subsea structures. 

Facility suitability evaluation/decommissioning: 

  • Pre-purchase surveys, market availability survey and suitability engineering of FPSO, SPM and other floating structures. 

  • Conversion specification and construction engineering support.  

  • Decommissioning of platforms.