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Genesis Engineering Modelling Suite (GEMS)

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GEMS is a state-of-the-art framework for thermodynamics, fluid characterisation and dynamic simulation. Genesis builds bespoke models for clients that cannot be modelled by other packages.

The framework is based on a thermodynamics engine that enables rapid development of complex equations of state, including Cubic Plus Association Equation of State (CPA) and Statistical Association Fluid Theory (SAFT) variants. This forms the basis for all simulations and has been fully validated. 

The dynamic models allow for complex interactions of process equipment accounting for transient heat and materials.  

Due to the complex nature of the problems we solve there is an additional Finite Element layer that can be used to model partial differential equations when required. A typical example would be heat conduction through a wall of a vessel resulting from an impinging jet fire. This requires a 3-D Finite Element model as the jet impinges at a local point.  

The variations in temperature, pressure and stress need to be predicted for this case and the model allows the prediction of vessel rupture. 

GEMS is the development framework for SAFFIRE, the code used for depressurisation and survivability studies. GEMS also has a detailed compressor model that is used for rigorous dynamic surge prediction, including full reverse flow and surge cycles.  

The model is based on an impeller-to-impeller calculation and accounts for varying process conditions like temperature, pressure and molecular weight. This is done with exit flow coefficient based performance curves. 

Many GEMS components can be run inside other simulator packages like Aspentech HYSYS and Honeywell UNISIM. This can be done when the more rigorous aspects of the GEMS framework are not required.