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Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Genesis supports many operators by developing optimised Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) facility designs that maximise oil production. Our experience covers a range of different approaches and applications, enhanced with operational experience.

Our facility designs for various EOR technologies include: 

  • Thermal EOR: Steam soak/cyclic 

  • Gas miscible/ immiscible EOR: CO2, N2, flue gas  

  • Chemical and other EOR: Polymer flooding 

  • Water Alternating Gas (WAG) injection and Simultaneous Water Alternating Gas (SWAG) injection. 

CO2 EOR is often used in conjunction with carbon capture and sequestration and the drive for cleaner energy.   

We also carry expertise in secondary recovery technologies and the conversation of facilities to implement them: 

  • Artificial lift 

  • Water flood (sea water and produced water) 

  • Gas injection. 

We provide an end-to-end evaluation of EOR systems covering both injection and re-production. This includes high level screening studies and detailed facilities designs. 

Flow assurance and fluid behaviour often form a key part of any EOR system design. For example, polymer flooding adds complexity due to the shear-dependent nature of the polymers. However, we have demonstrated our ability to model the viscosity effects on the polymer injection and its effect on emulsion viscosities of the well fluids.