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Pre-feasibility of a giga Green Hydrogen plant

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Project Overview

Client: UK North Sea Transition Authority 

Scope: Green Hydrogen, Pre-feasibility/scoping level definiton

Year: 2022

Location: East England, UK

Project Description

  • Vision: Decarbonise the Southeast of England with wind power; blue hydrogen & CCUS; transitioning into green hydrogen by 2040. 
  • Genesis, as part of the special interest group, performed prefeasibility for giga Green Hydrogen plant including integration with power source considerations (wind & grid).


What Genesis did

  • Technology review 
  • Scoping level definition for 2:1 GW Green Hydrogen plant
  • Power source and water requirements 

How we added value

  • View on technology innovation roadmap in the future
  • Alternative cooling solution to reduce water requirements
  • Opportunities to combine elements of development with the blue hydrogen plants 

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