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Genesis and Beicip team up on field development planning

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Genesis and Beicip-Franlab have joined forces to support clients in unlocking added value during field development planning phase. The collaboration will focus both on respective traditional businesses and on underpinning the growing demand for sustainable projects incorporating subsurface and infrastructure master planning excellence. 

This non-exclusive partnership is in response to the growing need to offer holistic (reservoir to point of sales) integrated solutions to optimize the economics and accelerate the overall delivery. 

Both Genesis and Beicip-Franlab have a strong consultancy and advisory culture interwoven in their values and DNA and our joint focus on adopting new technologies and processes to optimise project outcomes is a strong driver for the cooperation.

At the same time, each company will retain its own identity, tools and processes and existing partner relationships. This will allow each company to maintain its key differentiating points, while gaining momentum in the decarbonisation business thanks to this new collaborative opportunity.

The offering by Genesis and Beicip-Franlab is very complementary; with Beicip-Franlab providing its long track record in subsurface advisory, combining with Genesis’s decades of surface facilities optioneering. Both consultancies are supported by a larger Group (Genesis being part of Technip Energies & Beicip-Franlab part of IFPEN), with privileged access to a wider pool of expertise that can be leveraged on our client’s behalf. 

We have identified that significant optimisation and derisking will be achieved for decarbonisation projects, unlock new energy vectors or access to critical metals to achieve Energy Transition. CCUS, H2 production and storage, Lithium brine extraction, or simply utilizing geothermal energy will be key for the energy mix of the future and active engagement is already underway with our existing clients and but also with new important identified opportunities. 

Steve Easton, Head of Country, France for Genesis commented:

“This collaboration is a crystallization of many years working already together in traditional energy, it is a great opportunity for both Genesis and Beicip-Franlab to look forward to working closely in new energy challenges and maximise the return to our clients.”

Thierry Le Maux, Chairman of Management Board of Beicip-Franlab commented:

“Our common commitment towards technical excellence and expertise will allow Beicip-Franlab – Genesis association developing and promoting advanced consulting services and solutions for Oil and Gas as well as New Energies industries.”


About Genesis 
Genesis is a market-leading advisory company focused on providing high-value technical and advisory services for the energy industry. As trusted advisors committed to a sustainable future, we have extensive experience working in true partnership with our clients while providing innovative, robust, and sustainable solutions.

By cultivating our extraordinary talent across our 15 global locations, we employ new and dynamic thinking, using digital tools, embracing change, and constantly seeking new opportunities to make a real and lasting impact.

Genesis, a wholly owned Technip Energies' subsidiary and provides agnostic advisory & consulting services. For further information:


About Beicip-FranLab
Beicip-Franlab is a leading Energy Consultancy and Software Editor created in the 1960's with recognized worldwide hands-on expertise. The company, independent of any service group, is part of the IFPEN Group (French Institute of New Energies) with over 1700 staff and 11,600 patents. Beicip-Franlab has served over 1000 clients, private and public, for 60 years and in more than 120 countries, and is performing an average of 100 studies per year.

Beicip-Franlab offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology solutions, leading international experience, and agile innovation capability, including new trends such as AI and big data science combined with leading edge geoscience and reservoir / production engineering methods.

Thanks to a worldwide experience and innovative methodologies, our experts help our clients make the right decisions in exploration and development of subsurface energies such as Oil & Gas, Geothermal and Natural Hydrogen, as well as Carbon Storage solutions and brine Lithium production. Our integrated teams of multidisciplinary specialists are thus helping our clients in their energy transition towards low-carbon emission resources. For further information:


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