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Operator Training Simulator

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Genesis’ Operator Training Simulator (gOTS) provides increased knowledge and familiarity for operators allowing them to make the correct decisions at critical times. 

The gOTS suite is exclusive to Genesis, and comprises three products: 

  • gOPC 

  • gInstructor 

  • gEmulator 

These interface with process simulation software to create an Operator Training System (OTS). The process simulation software used is typically Hysys dynamic or Unisim dynamic. We have also developed subsea systems and coupled with OLGA. 

We offer these three products as part of a Lifecycle Simulator Approach (LCS). This means the same simulation technology (e.g. Hysys or Unisim) is used throughout the design lifecycle. 

gOPC links any SAS vendor application to a process simulation. The process model acts like the real plant, providing dynamic values for pressure, temperature and flowrate to SAS. 

gInstructor complements the gOPC product. It allows the instructor to monitor the trainee's performance during the operator training sessions and introduce process disturbances. 

The gEmulator product is used for OTS, for occasions where the full gOPC link to SAS approach is not possible, for example due to cost reasons, or if a full copy of the SAS application is not available. This is often the case in brownfield projects.