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Genesis Mercury Modelling Software (GMMS)

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Genesis has developed world-leading expertise in the area of mercury modelling through the delivery of mercury mapping studies and mercury removal system designs for offshore and onshore processes.

Mercury is a contaminant in many reservoir fluids that can cause problems in relation to safety, process integrity, the environment and export specifications. 

We have experience of a wide range of commercially available mercury removal technologies, together with an understanding of the operational issues caused by mercury. Our mercury removal design capabilities extend from feasibility studies, through concept selection to the end of FEED, and our projects are delivered with multi-discipline teams including mercury specialists. 

We have developed GMMS, a proprietary software tool for mercury mapping studies which has been validated with plant operating data. Our modelling capability has recently been extended to include an equation of state based approach that can be used directly within HYSYS. Genesis has the capability to develop client specific EOS models for difficult fluids, combining fluid characterisation data with our in-house mercury models. 

Our mercury capabilities include: 

  • Mercury mapping studies for offshore, onshore and subsea process systems  

  • Pipeline adsorption studies 

  • Independent assessment and selection of mercury removal technologies 

  • Mercury removal process design studies and optimisation studies 

  • Equipment layout studies, including process, utilities, structural and safety aspects, etc. 

  • Occupational health risk assessments 

  • Development of work procedures to control mercury exposure 

  • Environmental dispersion modelling for metocean and atmospheric systems.