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Export Systems

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Genesis has accumulated expertise in export system development over three decades. This is complemented by our knowledge of processing facilities meaning we deliver integrated cost-effective solutions.

Our experience covers pipeline and tanker-based export systems. Pipeline systems are more challenging and usually use larger diameter pipeline over long distances, both onshore and offshore.  

Our integrated multidisciplinary engineering teams’ activities cover:  

  • Fluid conditioning, flow measurement and pressure management 
  • Surveys, geotechnical studies and routing 
  • Materials engineering/cathodic protection design/integrity management 
  • Pipeline design optimized along lay route 
  • Riser design  
  • Subsea structure and spool design 
  • Installation method assessment 
  • Shore and river crossing 
  • Environmental impact and planning/permit support 
  • Project management support. 

We have a track record in design export systems in Australia, Brazil, East and West Africa, the Middle East, the North Sea, South-east Asia and the United States.