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Detailed Design

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Every detailed design project requires a unique range of engineering solutions to meet its technical and operational objectives and optimise project cost, schedule and quality. Genesis is expert in rising to those challenges.

We develop detailed designs that can be constructed, installed, tested and pre-commissioned, started-up, operated and maintained safely and efficiently.  

We work closely with equipment suppliers, fabricators, installation contractors and operators in this phase and manage the technical and contractual interfaces. 

A key aspect of our detailed design offering is our knowledge of construction and installation. This ensures our designs support the procurement, fabrication and construction phases.  

Our designs are adaptable to align with project functional requirements, installation contractors working methods, and project drivers. 

Our engineering, procurement and quality assurance teams work with our supply chain of subcontractors and equipment suppliers, to ensure the whole project is delivered in a way that meets our clients’ highest expectations. 

We have a track record of consistently delivering accurate and timely solutions to detailed design projects, from the most complex deepwater to shallow water developments and onshore processing facilities. 

We provide a comprehensive detailed design service using well established procedures, supported by a fully validated suite of design tools and using state-of-the-art software.