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Corrosion and Materials Management

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Genesis provides expertise in corrosion assessment, selection for construction materials, corrosion protection, requirements for component manufacture and welding fabrication for energy industry facilities located subsea, offshore and onshore, and associated with pipeline systems, processing facilities, equipment and structures.

We provide globally for design projects from concept to detailed design, together with technical consultancy during procurement, construction, operation and decommissioning. 

We offer expert technical authority and long-term industry experience in all key areas of materials technology and corrosion management. We perform to national and international design codes and standards, supported by verified in-house tools for areas such as corrosion and erosion modelling, cathodic protection designs, fracture control and engineering criticality assessment. 

Our services include: 

Materials Technology: 

  • Materials selection 

  • Materials performance assessment  

  • Capability in metallic, polymeric, composite and elastomeric material types 

  • Sour service requirements for materials and welding 

  • Materials for coatings on components and structures 

  • Thermal insulation for piping, rigid pipeline and PIP annulus 

  • Materials qualification and quality control 

  • Materials specifications for component manufacture 

  • Procurement support, bid evaluations and technical clarifications 

  • Audits, quality management and inspection. 

Corrosion Assessment and Management: 

  • Corrosion assessment and management  

  • Models for corrosion and erosion rate prediction 

  • Corrosion risk assessments 

  • Internal and external corrosion management 

  • Cathodic Protection (CP) design for pipelines and structures. 

Welding and Fabrication Support: 

  • Specification and qualification for welding, fabrication, inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) 

  • Weld overlay and cladding 

  • Fracture and fatigue assessment of critical items 

  • Fasteners and joining. 

Materials and Weld Integrity: 

  • Fracture control 

  • Fitness for service assessments 

  • Engineering criticality assessment and ECA Right© software  

  • Failure investigation and root cause analysis 

  • Decommissioning assessment of long-term material degradation and disposal  

  • Compliance with industry and company standards.