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Asset Information Tool

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The Asset Information Tool, developed by Genesis, enables personnel in a client company to readily access information and understand the wide range of assets held in their organisation.

Our software tool uses standard web browsers to provide a structured platform to deliver a wide range of information.  

From a single entry point, there is a simple pyramid architecture that expands outwards to provide users with greater detail as they access lower levels.  

This means users can navigate from a high-level asset overview to narratives of facilities and individual systems, and even on to technical descriptions of key equipment items.  

There is an intuitive web page layout and structure that allows people with different roles and priorities to locate information that meets their needs. 

The content, formatting and style of the Asset Information Tool is tailored to the client's specific requirements.  

In addition to descriptive text, it can incorporate diagrams, maps, charts and tables, to give users a complete understanding of the subject matter.  

The tool can also be used to provide access to relevant documentation, for example piping and instrumentation diagrams, and equipment datasheets.