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4D Construction Simulation

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The Genesis 4D Construction Simulation tool allows operators to visualise the progress of the construction of a facility from start to finish. It provides a virtual environment where you can enhance construction sequencing.

We develop 4D Simulation by combining the 3D CAD model with the project’s construction schedule. The tool can be applied at any stage of a project if a 3D CAD model is in use. 

Visualising the construction sequence gives the project team and stakeholders a greater appreciation of the scope, time frame and number and location of worksites in a virtual environment. It has greater efficiency and impact than cross-referencing 2D drawings and a separate project schedule.  

It also reduces the time required to review and challenge the schedule.  

Similarly, it minimises construction risks by providing a dynamic visualisation of any spatial or sequence constraints. 

4D simulation enhances collaboration between the design and construction teams. 

4D Simulation can be applied to all types of projects such as: 

  • Offshore platform and jacket fabrication 

  • Onshore greenfield process plants, including simulation of civil works and undergrounds  

  • Brownfield onshore and offshore modifications including destruct and construction phases. 

4D Construction Simulation: 

  • Reduces execution risk  

  • Optimises construction schedules    

  • Reduces construction cost 

  • Improves communication between key stakeholders 

  • Enables visualisation for stakeholder engagement.