Gen-CAT™ (Genesis Carbon Assessment Tools™)

Gen-CAT™ (Genesis Carbon Assessment Tools™)

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Our clients face pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Genesis’s carbon assessment expertise and tools provide context and clarity on carbon footprint contributors and support reporting requirements.


Our Carbon Assessment Tools™ (Gen-CAT™) provides clarity on carbon footprint drivers for new and existing assets in line with the principles outlined in the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol guidelines.


We consider direct and indirect emissions from procurement, construction and through field life operation for new and existing upstream oil and gas assets. Combined with our in-house multidisciplinary experts – we have a robust approach to the technical, HSE and commercial challenges particular to low carbon solutions


The market is changing rapidly and to enable sustainable energy solutions we will continue to invest in Gen-CAT™. Please get in contact for further details.

Carbon accounting expertise 

We have built strong expertise within carbon assessment, including: 

  • Carbon footprint and intensity statistics provided to support assessment phase decisions using our Carbon Assessment Tools™ (Gen-CAT™). 

  • Clear understanding of carbon assessment risks and the potential impact on project economics.  

How we can help

Genesis’ vision is to support carbon conscious design choices in developing and operating upstream oil and gas facilities. As such, Gen-CAT™ is able to provide early clarity on carbon footprint metrics and contributors for new and existing oil and gas developments. Gen-CAT™ takes into account direct and indirect emissions from procurement, construction and through the life of field operation to generate differentiating carbon impact metrics. Estimates are based on the methodology outlined in the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.


Gen-CAT™ allows stakeholders to make informed decisions, considering the carbon footprint of different development options during the early stages of a development and the minimisation opportunities for existing assets. Gen-CAT™ is applicable at all phases of a project.


With strong integration of our engineering team and in-house proprietary tools such as Gen-CAT™ and Asset Development Evaluation and Planning Tool (ADEPT), we are able to provide realistic and cost-effective mitigation measures to address a project’s environmental and social aspects.

How we add value

We are client oriented; we work collaboratively with clients to tailor our services and further develop our clients’ understanding of carbon assessment. We develop customised roadmaps for clients’ unique sustainability journey.

Our specialist engineers have the right mix of local and international experience and offer a holistic approach

Our comprehensive Gen-CAT services with  interpretation and support from in-house expertise include:

  • Clear, traceable reporting of inputs, calculation methods and outputs
  • Rapid identification of main GHG contributors  
  • Provision of clarity on key contributors to direct and indirect emissions
  • Evaluation of carbon intensity of existing assets
  • Benchmarking existing assets
  • Comparison of Gen-CAT™ results to reported emissions and environmental reports
  • Preparation of comparative carbon footprint metrics to support project prioritisation and concept selection
  • Use of production profiles and equipment specific minimum turndown to offer improved accuracy at end of field life/ as facility ullage declines
  • Support drive net zero master planning

With Gen-CAT™:

  • Increase  your company/ project appeal to external investors by demonstrating a drive towards low carbon design options.
  • Gain early clarity on carbon cost risks and opportunities for mitigation. Reduce project recycle costs and increase project sustainability by low cost, low carbon design and carbon reduction strategies.
  • Identify quick fixes such as: alternative fuels for facility and operational fleet; flare minimisation studies; and streamline operational logistics.

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