Offshore Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI)

Offshore Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI)

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Genesis provides established capability, updated and deliberately designed to focus on fast track offshore EPC projects, where speed and flexibility maximise customer value through reduced timelines and cost.


Our extensive track record in EPC projects, alongside worldwide delivery and support, helps us provide a high confidence, fast-track business model.   


Key features are: 

  • Highly experienced project management and construction personnel 

  • World-class engineering capability across all disciplines  

  • Experienced and established procurement service 

  • Worldwide operating centres providing extensive support and reserve capacity 

  • Strong integration of engineering and procurement 

  • Strong risk management culture 

  • An exemplary Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture. 


Our project teams operate on a single point responsibility policy and are fully empowered to deliver the project with autonomy and independence.   


This means better collaboration and integration with the customer’s team and quicker decision making, which in turn means quicker delivery. 


Our experienced procurement team is strongly integrated with the engineering function and combines to pursue early supply chain engagement.   


Combined with our redesigned processes and procedures, this helps expedite this key phase, ultimately accelerating the project timeline. 


We have worked across the world with every major fabricator. As a result, we offer efficient transition from engineering to fabrication and a high-quality final product that is built safely and within budget.